Net services in Uppsala interrupted from 9 to 12 February

Gerard "DVD" Kleywegt gerard at
Thu Feb 8 10:05:00 EST 2001

Dear colleagues !

On Friday (9 Feb) we will replace our server

  (a.k.a., a.k.a.

by a new (Linux) machine, which will be called as well (and
After the move you should notice a significant
improvement in performance and response times.

On the downside, during the move there are bound
to be interruptions in:

- our WWW services. This includes:
  - O manual and information pages
  - Hetero-compound Information Centre - Uppsala (HIC-Up)
  - Uppsala Software Factory (USF)
  - Swedish Structural Biology Network (SBNet)
  - VRML archive
  - servers such as ProSAL, HetSEL, BioSEL, EDS (Electron-
    density server), HIC-Up's dictionary server,
    Ramachandran server
  - Dombo Journal
  NOTE: the MolRay, SPASM and DEJAVU servers run on a
  different machine ( and should not
  be affected (apart from the odd temporarily dead link)

- our ftp server. However, a back-up server with the
  O and USF-related files is available at the address ( This may not
  work with Netscape, but it does work from Explorer
  and if you use ftp through ye olde command-line

- E-mail service to and from anyone with an address at or However, if
  all goes well, all mail will eventually be delivered.

- telnet access (for those who have an account on

The interruptions will begin on Friday 9 February
at 15:00 local time (GMT+2). Hopefully, the bulk of
the work will be done by Friday night, but don't be
surprised if you experience problems during the weekend
(in particular with CGI programs). If you still encounter
serious technical problems *after* Monday 12 February,
please contact our systems manager, Erling Wikman
(erling at with a clear description
of the problems.


                        Gerard J.  Kleywegt
Dept. of Cell & Molecular Biology  Bolshevik University of Uppsala
                Biomedical Centre  Box 596
                SE-751 24 Uppsala  SWEDEN  mailto:gerard at
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