how would you model a 3-10 helix in cns?

Jlowrie jflowrie at
Fri Feb 16 07:26:50 EST 2001

Hi Dan,

I think the 3-10 you mention is correct --  approx. 324 degrees every 3

Try rendering a 3-9 to get what you want.



> residues
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> Hi folks.
> I'd like to make a model of a "perfect" 3-10 helix.  In other words,
> that would be a helix that makes a complete 360 degree turn every three
> residues.  I have been using an old copy of insight II, and it makes
> helices which go about 330 degrees around every three residues.
> Can anyone suggest how to come up with refinement parameters to twist
> the helix I have to a full turn every three residues?
> Thanks.
> -Dan
> (peisach at

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