How To REACH 70 million households on TV

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Thu Jul 19 12:01:44 EST 2001

If you have or know of a product, service, invention, or cause suitable 
for featuring on a new (yet already nationally-acclaimed) primetime TV
newsmagazine with a 12-time Emmy award winning news team -- then please 
read the following:

One of the top TV news studios in Hollywood is offering to produce, package
and distribute 5-30 minute TV news spotlights on successful and innovative
organizations around the world. They will send their news crew to your
locations worldwide.  Story intros and wrap-arounds by their renowned news
anchors are shot in their multi-million dollar studio (next to Universal
Studios) on a stunning news set that rivals "Dateline" or "20/20."

Your Spotlight would air to over 70 million households and businesses on
major cable and satellite networks.  It will also be offered to 450 other 
TV news rooms via Media Alert, major cruise lines and airlines for in-flight
programming, and top portals on the internet.

In exchange for the non-exclusive worldwide syndication and licensing rights
to your story and sharing a small portion of the costs (less than $2k per
mo.) for the following items, the studio will allow you considerable
approval rights; complete access to all footage and edited masters; repeat
airings in cities you select; production of an expanded corporate video &
cd-rom version; a large supply of VHS and CD copies, internet streaming;
tradeshow loop tapes, etc.


Not only sophisticated and media savvy Fortune 500s and global
conglomerates, but many startups, non-profits, and "mom & pops" have taken
advantage of the studio's incredibly valuable offer.

Sin industries (e.g. adult, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) are not
accepted as clients.

The studio's website has contact names and numbers for EVERY client featured
to date as well as broadcast schedules, letters received, case studies,
awards, national press articles about the series, etc. Spotlights may also
be viewed via streaming video from their on-line Video Library and numerous


FOR MORE INFORMATION, email your Name, Telephone Number, 
Email Address and Website URL To: Mailto:tv_exposure4 at


If this invitation was received in error, please drop us a note at: 
optout626 at and then click send to ensure updates 
will not be sent to you in the future.

* DISCLAIMER: This email is being sent to you by an independent affiliate. 
We receive a commission from the studio for each client we refer. You may 
forward this email to other newsworthy candidates. If they are accepted as a 
client, we will split the agency fee with you --- or if you prefer, pay for 
additional airings, videos and CDs in your Spotlight media package. 


The information in this document is proprietary and confidential and is 
protected under United States and International Copyright and Trademark 
laws. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form 
by any means whatsoever - except for the forwarding purpose stated above. 
Any other use of this document in any form, without the express prior 
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