This Weeks Auction News - The $2M Hockey Stick Goes Up For Auction

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Fri Jun 15 06:31:33 EST 2001

 World's Oldest Hockey Stick Hit eBay Canada June 3
 Sale of historic piece of Canadiana - believed to be the world's oldest
 hockey stick - could raise $1 million for charity to help in the fight
 against cancer.
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 Amazon Sellers Fuming Over Auction Glitch!
 Several auction sellers say the e-commerce giant is not
 delivering a service they say they have bid on and paid for. Sellers pay
 Amazon to promote their listings in prominent places on its auction site.
 But in the past several weeks, sellers have said Amazon has not been
 promoting auctions on one of its most heavily viewed pages, even though it
 has continued to charge sellers for the service.
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 current auctions by advertising them on Auction Eagle's Top 100 Auction
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 All Star Celebrities - Great Auctions for Great Causes
 How do you bring awareness to a variety of charitable causes? You team up
 with some of today's hottest stars and start your own online, non-profit
 celebrity auction. has teamed up with some of today's
 most famous celebrities to form their very own charity auction site. Some
 of your favorite stars, from the silver screen, music and television, have
 donated personal items in exchange for increased awareness and higher
 profits to their charity of choice.
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 This Week in Auction Legal Eagle... A Random Walk Down Law Street - Part I
 Thought you were just surfing the web looking for some retail therapy on an
 online auction? This is Part I of a two part walk through a generic online
 auction agreement. Read this and click I AGREE with confidence from now on!
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 ____________________________________________________________ is looking for writers, with hands-on knowledge of the
 online auction world - collectors, buyers and sellers perspectives
 If you like to write, want to earn a little spare auction fun money, and
 feel you could educate and entertain our weekly readers, please apply
 online at
 This Week in Auction Stocks & eFinance... What the Heck are DRIPs and DSPs
 Uncle Stephen, my not-so-much-younger brother, received a very nice check
 in the mailbox the other day. Against the wishes of his relatives, Uncle
 Stephen sold the Revolutionary War era, family heirlooms Auntie Lucille
 left him years ago, of course using one of those online auction sites. Although
 a bit shy of a round trip ticket on the space shuttle, the check was large
 enough for Uncle Stephen to ponder a proper use.
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