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Winfried Meining wim at
Mon Nov 12 04:04:11 EST 2001

Dear CNS/X-plor users,

Since the startup of the mailing list cnsbb at in early
April this year about 480 people have joined this list.
Scientific communication has in the meantime almost exlusively moved
from the mailing list x-plor at at
(simultaneoulsy newsgroup to the yahoogroups
list cnsbb at, while now almost only spam e-mail is sent

to x-plor at at

Until now postings, which were sent to x-plor at
x-plor at, were forwarded to cnsbb at, then
moderated and redistributed to the list subscribers at yahoogroups.

This will not be continued.

Postings to the yahoogroups list will from now on only be possible
for members of the list and apart from postings from new members the
list will not be moderated anymore. This way unwanted e-mail traffic
will still be avoided, while there is no need to moderate the list

If you'd like to subscribe to cnsbb at simply send an e-
mail to cnsbb-subscribe at with any text in the message
body (or none at all).

If you want to unsubscribe from
x-plor at at please do not send any
administrative e-mail ("unsubscribe") to these addresses. These
e-mails will be forwarded to all subscribers, while you are still not



If the subscribed e-mail address is the same as your current e-mail
address simply send an e-mail to either majordomo at or
majordomo at with the line

unsubscribe x-plor

in the body of the message.

If your current e-mail address is not recognized as subscribed e-mail

address, you may send "unsubscribe x-plor your at email.address" in the
message body to majordomo at In this case the
unsubscribe command has to be confirmed by a list administrator,
which might take time or not be done at all.

Many e-mail clients allow you to modify the user domain, which will
be put in the "From"-field of the e-mail. For instance in pine enter
the setup [S (Setup), C (Config)] and change the "user-domain" to
what you think is the subscribed domain part (the name of your
workstation) of your subscribed e-mail address. Then send again an
unsubscribe message as described above.

If you don't know the address you are subscribed with you can search
for the address by sending "which" to
majordomo at This will however only work if the message
is sent from the e-mail domain that the subscribed e-mail address
also belongs to.

With best regards,

Winfried Meining

Dr. Winfried Meining
Södertörns Högskola & Karolinska Institutet
Department of Biosciences, NOVUM
Center for Structural Biochemistry
S-14157 Huddinge, Sweden
Tel.: +46-(0)8-6083-336
Fax : +46-(0)8-6089-290


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