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 I am Dr.Chris Uba, Director of Procurement and
Contract Award with Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
 I got your contact from the foreign office of the
Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  It is with
trust that I wish to contact you on this matter
concerning the transfer of USD$35.5 Million Dollars.

Sometime ago, a contract was awarded by my Corporation
(NNPC) to Alliance Oil International to Service, Turn
around Maintenance and Rehabilitation Work on Kaduna
Refinery and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) Plant in
This contract was over-invoiced by us to the tune of
US$35.5 Million (Thirty five Million, Five Hundred
Thousand United
States Dollars).  I and some Officials reached a
compromise to transfer the Fund into a Foreign Bank
Account that will accommodate this fund.  We have all
modalities set.

We have been disappointed last year by a Briton Mr.
Henry Strand whom we
Trusted with a transaction of this nature up to the
tune $38 Million USD.
He is sitting on our money for no apparent reason but
we believe that good people like you still exist in
this world and we are willing to try again with you.

He still resides in London and enjoys our collective
money and refuses to give us our share but we believe
that for his act
of wickedness to us, he will never go unpunished by
God. Because of this we are afraid and we need your
total trust and assurance that you must be an honest
and straight forward person.

 We have agreed to share the money thus:
 1.  25% for the account owner
 2.  70% for me and my partners
 3.  5% to be used in offsetting taxes and all local &

Please, note that this transaction is 100% safe and
risk free and we will commence the transaction from
the date of receipt of
The following information via the e-mail address

 Please if you accept this proposal, send to me by
 1.  Your company's name address, telephone and fax
 2.  Your bank name, address, telephone, fax as well
as your bank   
      account numbers.

With this information, we are going to put in
application for the release of this fund into your
account for us all.  Due to our sensitive position,
We cannot afford a slip in this transaction so contact
me immediately
Through the above email address for further
information on the
requirements and procedure for this transaction.
Please treat with the strictest confidentiality and
utmost urgency.

Yours faithfully,

Dr.Chris Uba

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