BioChoice® helps the body fight over 80 autoimmune diseases.

Jerry Pollard jplegacy at
Thu Oct 18 14:43:16 EST 2001

Dear health consumer,

Biochoice® Immune Support is a "one-of-a-kind" product  that will soon become a 
household name.  It is all natural and safe.  BioChoice® has 
been in research and development for over 25 years. Now, BioChoice® is available to the 
public for the first time as a leading health and nutrition 
product.  BioChoice® products are listed in the 2001 Physician’s Desk Reference.

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BioChoice® helps the body fight the devastating effects of over 80 autoimmune diseases 
including arthritis, lupus, diabetes, psoriasis, and  

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You can and will benefit from the use of this remarkable product.  We are also looking for 
distributors interested in making money.  REPLY NOW to 
join our team . . . The timing is perfect!  

We are committed to this product and to helping you become healthy and successful!


Jerry Pollard

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