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I am not sure if you are the correct person to receive this information, so I apologize if you are receiving this message in error. I am trying to determine who at your company I can send the following information to? If 
you want me to remove you from our files, please send me a reply mail requesting so.  However, if you know who the correct person is to receive this info, can you pass it on.

I am seeking to make your company aware of a remarkable marketing/advertising sponsorship event-opportunity (Non-profit 501 Tax status) taking place in March of 2002.  The event will honor the life of this 
century's most dominant and prolific Jewish figure, the world renowned "Rebbe", Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Specifically, the "Chabad Centennial Celebration - Philharmonic Tribute," a non-profit (501 
status) benefit for Jewish Outreach, which will mark the Centennial 100-years of the Rebbe.

The "Rebbe", as he was reverently know to the millions of people who admired and follow him, was the one individual who was responsible for stirring and awakening the conscience and spirit of the post-holocaust 
world, building thousands of medical, rehab, counseling and religious institutions around the world. World leaders such as Margaret Thatcher, Yitzchak Rabin, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Menachem Begin, 
President Shaazar, etc. listened to the Rebbe, learned from the Rebbe and honored the Rebbe. The Rebbe was involved in everything from Women's rights to the Gulf War. In fact, in 1995, President Clinton 
awarded the Gold Congressional Medal of Honor to the Rebbe, one year after the Rebbe's death.

The "Chabad Centennial Celebration" event will pay tribute to the Rebbe and to the work of Chabad-Lubavitch worldwide, and will showcase 300-years of Lubavitch-Chassidic music masterworks, performed by a 
60-piece world-class symphony orchestra, featuring "Screens with Scenes" - a simultaneous giant video-wall of moments with the Rebbe, and scenes from around the Jewish world, thematically set to the music. 
The two-and-a-half hour program will also feature the leading master and interpreter of Chabad music, Avraham Fried, international performers, and an award-winning video documentary on the Rebbe's life. The 
event will be attended by over 150 Chabad communities and more than 100 VIP/Celebrities who will be paying tribute to the Rebbe. Dignitaries, statesmen, and media, will also participate in this auspicious event.

The event is targeted at millions of affluent, educated, loyal, Internet savvy and accessible Jews. (Demographic and psychographic information is available in our brochure):

§	60.7% of have a college education
§	41.2% of have HHI of $75,000 or more	
§	89.2% have credit cards
§	84.9% have saving accounts
§	75.6% purchase stocks and mutual funds
§	70.7% have internet access
§	52.9% shop online

We realize this event is not for every company and you may not be the correct person to review it.  However, for the right company the event, taking place two weeks prior to Passover in 2002, provides significant 
advertising, marketing and public relations benefits and exposure for corporate sponsors, including:

§	o Direct tie to over 5 million affluent, educated and influential Jewish people.
§	o National, regional and local print media exposure. (Media buy) o Regional and local TV exposure. 
§	o Regional radio exposure.
§	o Exposure through an International closed-circuit TV telecast. 
§	o On-site signage at over 3500 Chabad-Lubavitch institutions.
§	o West and East coast TV exposure through two 2002 L'Chaim Telethons. 
§	o Corporate logo exposure on all public relations, direct mail and ticketing material.
§	o Regional signage exposure throughout the New York metro area four weeks prior to the event.
§	o Complementary VIP packages for the pre-concert Celebrity/VIP Cocktail. 
§	o On-site display, signage and sampling opportunities at the event.
§	o Logo and direct mail opportunities through/on the "Collector's Edition" Video and CD series.
§	o Multiple website links with logo exposure.
§	o 501 non-profit status

More information is available on the event by email or via mail. Should you have any questions or requests, I can be reached at walterjlg4 at

Thank you for your time.

Walter Urban


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