The Choir-Grammy Nomination celebration contest

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Wed Apr 3 13:31:44 EST 2002

Grammy nominated Christian modern rock/pop band The Choir, in celebration of
their recent Grammy nomination are having a contest and giving away an
official Grammy Tote-bag filled full
with "mystery" prizes, a $100 gift certificate and several other prizes on
their website at!  The Choir website
( serves to offer a look at the music, history and ministry
of The Choir's past 20 years. It is our hope that you will learn more about
the individuals behind the band and come to understand their heart and
passion for The Choir, the music and the friendships between each member.
This site also serves to keep you informed of present and future projects,
news and provide music. Lastly, we have set up TheChoir.Net to interact with
YOU - and that's a main reason. It has been our listeners and supporters
over the years that has kept us proud, humbled and interested in creating
more music. So...interact with us - send us emails, subscribe to our
E-Newsletters, chat on our messageboard and vote in our polls. We do care
about your thoughts and appreciate you greatly. Thanks for listening.

Also, for news, pictures, new releases and free MP3 songs
from your favorite Galaxy21 artists like 77s, Daniel Amos, Common Children,
The Choir and Buck Enterprises - stop on by!


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