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Thursday, April 11, 2002 

Dear Sir, 
I am making this contact with you based on the reliable information gathered from My legal/political Contact highlighting your company's profile. The information was so positive as to convince me that you are capable of providing the desired assistance. I am Mohammed Ullah Hussein, a citizen of Kuwait. I have in my possession, a huge sum of money amounting to US$50 million although defaced for security reasons. This fund was realized from excess sale of Kuwaiti crude during the Gulf War Crisis. Part of the windfall was earmarked as royalties to certain Kuwaiti Emirs. My father worked as a top member of the Emir's Cabinet before his death. His entitlement stood at $50 million [Fifty Million United States Dollars] representing a compensation for his dedicated service to the Cabinet. Luckily enough, he received this due before death struck. 
Prior to his death, he disclosed to me documents covering the money as stated out in his Will, since he died testate. This sum among other things, were later to be my own share of our dead father's estate as is evident in the Will. You should therefore entertain no fears as to the source of the fund since it is his recompense for a dedicated service to our motherland. 
At the time of this letter, I am aboard the vessel, Armada in the high seas as I am a Marine Engineer. I will arrange that the consignment [money] be registered with a Global Security Company with their Head Office in London since my vessel is ultimately headed for the United Kingdom. I have also entered a special arrangement with the captain of the ship for the successful arrival of the consignment. I did not on purpose, disclose to him the actual contents of the consignment but merely told him it contains gold-plated wristwatches. 
Since the cargo will be due to arrive the United State before our ship, I will therefore prevail on you to assist me in the following regards: 
1. To give me your approval to register the fund in your name. 
2. To assist me also with seeing that consignment is released from Security Company on its arrival in United Kingdom 
3. To consent that the money be lodged in your account after gaining its release from the Security Company. 
4. To offer me your advice me on a viable investment to which I can apply my own share of the money, preferably in your country. 
For agreeing to do the above, I am prepared to release to you, 30% of this fund. If you consider yourself capable of helping my situation, please feel free to contact me immediately. When replying, remember to also include your name and detailed address to enable me register the cargo in your name. I shall in due course, release to you the detailed contact of the Security Company as soon as I get your reply on the matter. Your earliest reply would be appreciated to stop me from further contacts with other people. Thanks in anticipation of your kind assistance. 
Mohammed Ullah Hussein 


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