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Nelson jm.diogo at
Tue Apr 23 06:14:25 EST 2002

Hello dear Marketer,
I found your email address has a person somehow enrolled in Network
Marketing business, pardon me if you are not and just delete this email.
If you are a seasoned marketing professional you know that one of the 
most important parts of Network Marketing success it’s a steady flow
of high quality pre-qualified leads and a proper training for you and your 
downline. These two ingredients are essential. I want to ask for your 
permission to show you how a very reputable company joined this and
much more in just one program. You may say, “I do not need leads or
training”, but can you say the same of your downline? 
To receive more info just send a blank email to get_leads at
You will only receive a one time email with specific info about this company
and nothing more.

Warm regards,
Nelson Diogo
caras at
351-96 247 4132

Under Bill s. 1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th Congress this 
letter cannot be considered spam as long as the sender includes 
contact information and removal instructions. This is a one-time 
e-mail transmission. No removal is necessary.


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