New Product:... Liquid Kathmandu GH

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Sun May 5 05:33:56 EST 2002

Introducing 3 of the most effective Sexual Stimulation and Herbal Smoking products around!

~*~Liquid Kathmandu!~*~ (RaggaDagga)
Now... Get the "High" without smoking! Contains No Cannabis or 
Marijuana and will never fail a drug test. Increases sexual pleasure, 
extreme happiness, joy and fun feelings different from drinking.
Like nothing you have ever experienced!

Pricing for Aqueous Kathmandu "Happy Drops"(tm):
One - 2 oz. bottle (90+ usages) - $115.00 plus shipping
Two - 2 oz. bottles - $170.00 plus shipping

~*~Sweet Vjestika~*~
This product, now in dropper form increases the sex drive of both Men and Women. 
A few drops under the tongue or in a beverage is all it takes. Special 2-for-1 Offer

~*~Cockle Doodle Doo Cream~*~
For Men Only! Applied right to the penis, this cream will increase sensitivity and a whole lot more!
Call about the special 2-for-1 Offer!

Herbal Smoking/Marijuana Alternative... Call about the special 2-for-1 Offer!

Order by Phone: <617-825-4555>
Order Center Open: Monday-Friday 12PM-9PM Eastern Time

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