Microscopy Book: calling for Educational papers

Science and Technology of Microscopy micro at formatex.org
Mon May 27 19:54:39 EST 2002

Dear colleague!

To date, a number of 60-70 chapters have been sent for our forthcoming
general overview book edition "Science, Technology and Education of
Microscopy: an Overview". You can see all the information regarding this
edition at www.formatex.org/micro2002/callforpaper.htm . If you are
interested in participating in this edition submitting a (technical,
scientific, educational, introductory...) chapter related to microscopy,
please see the website for details. At this stage, we are specially
calling for educational articles, although also scientific and technical
paper are still accepted.

It is a pleasure for us also to inform that this book, which will be
edited in a citeable form, will be internationally distributed by SPI
Supplies, probably the most important book concentration on microscopy in
Internet, which is also sponsoring (jointly with other important
Microscopy vendors) this first volume of the book series.

As you may see from the Call for Papers' website, the deadline for chapter
submission is JUNE 30. Hovewer, the deadline for final manuscript is
September 15 (which is an absolute deadline), so there is still some
margin if you feel you need some more time for preparing your chapter.    

We hope that you find this new approach to microscopy issues interesting
and we hope to hear from you/your team for this and/or future editions.

If you any enquiry or suggestion about this volume, please contact us.

Best wishes from Spain.

J.A.Mesa Gonzalez
Formatex Secretariat

A.Mendez Vilas
Physics Department
University of Extremadura
Avda. de Elvas s/n
06071 Badajoz
E-mail: amvilas at unex.es

(If you do not want to receive more information regarding this book
series, please reply this message with "remove" in the subject).


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