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Thu Feb 26 11:25:00 EST 2004

On 15 March there will be a workshop to discuss the possibilities for a
new synchrotron radiation source at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  This
is the same workshop that was scheduled then postponed for last December.

There will be a description of the proposed source and its capabilities
for various disciplines, discussion of possibilities for funding, and
finally open discussion about facilities.  It will be VERY USEFUL for you
to attend, please, to begin to talk about the sort of facilites we'd like,
and to show support for the concept.  Your attendance will be a strong
message to the funding agencies.

To register, visit --> -->

Here is more information, taken from the web site:


NSLS-II is a proposed new state-of-the-art, medium-energy storage ring
designed to deliver world-leading brightness and flux with top-off
operation for constant output. The superlative character and combination
of capabilities will have profound impact on a wide range of scientific
disciplines and initiatives in the coming decades.

Who Should Attend

All members of the scientific community, including participants from
universities, other research institutions, and commercial, governmental
and industrial organizations, who wish to provide input and feedback on
the design and direction of NSLS-II, its beamlines and instrumentation.
Workshop Program

    * Overview of NSLS-II
    * Perspectives by representatives from DOE, New York State, and BNL.
    * Keynote address by Congressman Sherwood Boehlert, Chairman, House
Science Committee.
    * Plenary lectures by Professor Roderick MacKinnon, Rockefeller
University, and a distinguished nanoscience researcher
    * Breakout sessions featuring presentations on science and
instrumentation as well as open discussion. These will provide
participants an opportunity for input and feedback on NSLS-II design
features, beamline characteristics, and instrumentation concepts.
    * An evening poster session and dinner will conclude the workshop.

For Additional Information

Phone: 631-344-2297
Email: nslsinfo at

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