segment error ( code dumped)

Harit Jani janiharit at
Wed Jan 7 23:55:38 EST 2004

Dear Xplor User,

I tried to installed xplor on Red Hat linux. I want to
install xplor 3.8. I have down loaded
xplor3851_main.tar.gz and linux.tar.gz . I followed
all the steps mantioned in linux.readme and

While I wrote command ./ it gave me four
main errors 
1) segment error (code dump), which I thing that it
occures when from command
make call to prexplore fill.
2) fort.2 not found, 
3) somany unidentified variables
4) collectID : exit stauts 1

Could anyone help in this matter ?

Thank You!

Harit Jani.

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