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 SPECIAL-ALERT- Centurion Gold Holdings, Inc CGHI (OTC:BB)
is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, started three
years ago to identify and acquire promising ore-bearing
properties.  In the past six months, it has acquired four
properties: the Primrose Gold Mine; the Omaruru Gold Mine;
the Sallies Mine and a chrome bearing operation. The
Company is positioning itself to become a major producer
in this market by acquiring mineral bearing properties
and mineral rights.

The world’s largest producer of gold, South Africa’s
enormous gold ore reserves represent more than 40% of
global reserves.

On April 22nd the Company announced that it had
submitted its application to move to the AMEX.

CGHI (OTC:BB) has progressed nicely and is now poised
to break out to all new highs on the strength of news
coming out soon on some major acquisitions.

Watch it move this next week on this news.

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Centurion Gold Holdings, Inc: CGHI (OTC:BB)
Current-Price:2.40 - Up Almost 1.00 And Going Much Higher!
Short-Term Target:3.75
12-month target 15.00 on AMEX
Shares-Outstanding: 47.8 Million /  Float 5 million

Revenue/Net Income Projections on Current Holdings
Year    Revenue ($ millions)    Net ($ millions)

2004         5,80               2,270
2005         9,35               3,565
2006         9,90               3,785
2007        10,40               4,010
2008        22,40               8,510

Centurion Gold Holding’s fiscal year ends March 31.
The Company expects to show revenue and net income
for its fourth-quarter, when it reports for the period
ending March 31.

Reasons to buy CGHI: After acquisitions, CGHI annual
revenue will be $45.71 million in 2004, with reserves
valued at approximately $1.4 billion at 10% of current
metal values. With the full development of all assets,
by 2008, revenue will be $200 million at current
commodity prices in US dollars.


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