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> The new undulator-based beam line X29 has just been declared operational.
> It is dedicated to PX (macromolecular crystallography), operates with an
> ADSC Q315 detector / diffractometer system, and is in the same brightness
> range as X25.  This experimental station was constructed with support from
> DOE (BER and BES) and NIH (NCRR), and was a collaboration between the
> Center for Synchrotron Biosciences of Albert Einstein College of Medicine
>, and the Macromolecular Crystallography
> Research Resource of the Brookhaven Biology Dept.
> There is Rapid-Access time available for PX beginning >RIGHT NOW< on NSLS
> beamlines.  Also, the deadline for applications for the NSLS's Winter 2005
> cycle is the end of the NSLS working day (5PM EDT) on Thursday 30
> September 2004.
> There is an electronic submission form required.  Please access the web
> site: for information about the beamlines, and
> forms and instructions for the submission of beam-time proposals and for
> Rapid Access.  The deadline is very firm for regular submission.  Read all
> of the instructions carefully and submit early.
> Nine beamlines are available for macromolecular crystallographic data
> collection through the NSLS General User Program: Beamlines X12-B, X12-C,
> X26-C, X8-C, X9-A, X6-A, and X4-A, plus the "insertion-device" beamlines
> X25 and X29.  (Note: X29 is referred to as X29A on GU program forms.)
> Two ADSC Q315 diffractometer systems have been installed at X25
> ( and X29
> ( to provide unprecedented
> data-collection power.
>  >>> This represents a huge amount of beam time, including many days <<<
> >>> on X25 and X29, two of the most usable beamlines anywhere for PX. <<<
> CCD-Based detection systems, as well as sufficient computing power that
> all data can be reduced on site (and often structures can be solved on
> site as well) are available on all of these beamlines.
> A Research Resource Grant from the National Institutes of Health is
> providing enhanced support for users to the NSLS.  Work is being done
> under this grant to extend the state of the art in macromolecular
> crystallography in both computing hardware and software, use of modern
> detectors, application of multi-layer monochromators to provide hotter
> beams, and multiple-beam phasing of protein structures.
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