[X-plor] Data STorage Problem

Simon Oropeza simoneoropeza at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 12 13:14:45 EST 2006

Hi, Daan:
  I got you email from Internet regarding data storage problem and I thought that you could help me.
  I am trying to extract some tar archives from a DLT tape, and I am running with two problems:
  1) I was able list what is on the tape and noticed that may files have very long names and have the "/" character attached meaning that when I do tar -xvf it tried to create those file names from root and of course I do not have privileges to do that. And, also the long names are giving me problems.
  2) I chose to load some of the files that have not the "/" attached and have short names but after a while it gives me wrong blocksize error.
  What could I do to untar those files ?
  Simon Oropeza

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