[X-plor] some thing wrong about a trivial name

zhangz5 from rpi.edu via x-plor%40net.bio.net (by zhangz5 from rpi.edu)
Mon Jul 9 09:35:09 EST 2007

Hi, All

Sorry to bother you who is not interested. 

I am a postdoc in RPI. I wanna do the modeling about the carbohydrate. I
found the database in the website of X-PLOR Topology and Parameter
Library for Hetero Compounds (uppsala). But a little problem confused me. 
One of compound is labeled as "C6 H10 O10 S1 Get ids =
o2-sulfo-glucuronic acid". But 'ids' should be O2-sulfo-iduronic acid,
but not o2-sulfo-glucuronic acid. Is it wrong or the abbreviation wrong? 



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