Thanks - Structure co-ords.

Craig Livingstone cdl at
Thu Aug 27 04:15:46 EST 1992

Many thanks to all of those who sent me the co-ordinates of 1MAD.   They will 
be very useful to one of my co-workers as will the information about the EMBL 
fileserver (reproduced below as I thought others may find it useful too!).

___________________________BEGIN INCLUDED MESSAGE____________________________

Dear Craig,

in order to get up-to-date atomic coordinates from the Protein Data Bank
in Brookhaven the easiest thing for you to do would probably be to have
them sent from the EMBL fileserver in Heidelberg (e-mail address :
FILESERV at In case you have problems to get the
files across to JANET let me know and I'll mail them to you just like
this message (I'd be very surprised if you had difficulties though).

I have enclosed the reply to a message with the lines HELP and
HELP PROTEINDATA to give you an idea of what's available.

In case you have access to Internet you would also have the possibility
to download pre-release entries. The address is

Regards, Hans.

Original messages follow :

The EMBL Network File Server enables network access to the following:
   - EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database.
   - The *newest* nucleotide sequence data created at EMBL *and* GenBank
     since the latest full release of the EMBL database.
   - DNA sequence alignments and consensus sequences
   - Swiss-Prot Protein Sequence Database
   - Brookhaven Protein Database and other structure data
   - Prosite Pattern Database
   - Transcription Factor Database (TFD)
   - Eukaryotic Promotor Database (EPD)
   - tRNA sequence and tRNA gene sequence database
   - E. coli Database (ECD)
   - LiMB (Listing of molecular biological databases) Database
   - Restriction Enzyme Database (REBASE)
   - ENZYME Database
   - Drosophila Genetic Map Database (FlyBase)
   - Alu sequence database
   - Codon usage tables
   - Free software for molecular biologists
   - Reference lists of relevance to molecular biology
   - General documents with importance to molecular biology
   - Documents describing the services of the EMBL Data Library
Using the File Server
- ---------------------
You use the file server by sending one or more of the commands shown below 
as electronic mail to the address NETSERV at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE.  The requested
file(s) will then be returned to you by the file server.  You must find out
which operating system command you should use on your own computer in order
to send electronic mail and how to format the address 
NETSERV at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE   The mail which you send to the file server 
should contain one file server command per line.
- --------
The Network File Server at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory supports
the following commands:
         Help                    - sends a general help file (this file)
         Help <topic>            - sends the help file and directory
                                   listing of <topic>
         Get  <filename>         - sends the file <filename>
         Dir  <directory>        - same as Help <directory>
- -----------
The files accessible via the file server are organised into directories.
The following directories exist:
   Nuc               - Nucleotide Sequence data from
                       the EMBL and GenBank sequence databases.
   Prot              - The SWISS-Prot Protein Sequence Database
   ProteinData       - Protein structure data
   ProSite           - ProSite Pattern Database
   ECD               - E. coli Database
   ENZYME            - The ENZYME database
   TFD               - Transcription Factor Database
   EPD               - Eukaryotic Promotor Database
   LiMB              - Listing of Molecular Biological Databases
   REBASE            - Restriction Enzyme database
   tRNA              - tRNA database
   Flybase           - Drosophila Genetic Map Database
   Alu               - Alu sequence database
   CodonUsage        - Codon usage tables
   Align             - DNA sequence alignments and consensus sequences
   RefList           - Bibliographies, Reference lists
   DOS_Software      - Free software for IBM PCs and clones
   Mac_Software      - Free software for the Apple Macintosh
   VAX_Software      - Free software for VAX/VMS
   UNIX_Software     - Free software for UNIX
   Software          - General software and software information
   Doc               - Documents with relevance to molecular biology
                       (Submission forms, technical documents etc.)
In general, the <filename> in the GET command begins with the name of
the appropriate directory, followed by a colon.  There should be no embedded
blanks (spaces) between the directory name, the colon and the filename.
- ----
Further help is available on the following topics:
   Nuc           Prot         ProteinData    ProSite        ECD
   ENZYME        EPD          LIMB           Doc            REBASE
   RefList       Software     DOS_Software   Mac_Software   VAX_Software
   UNIX_Software Flybase      Align          CodonUsage     TFD
   Alu           tRNA
- --------
To request:
   - specific help on the sequence databases
   - general help on software
   - the sequence called PIP03XX (nucleotide)
   - the sequence with accession number X03392 (nucleotide)
   - the sequence called KAP$YEAST (protein)
   - the new nucleotide sequence citation index (NEWCITATION.NDX)
   - the sequence submission form
you could create a file containing the file server commands:
GET NUC:X03392
and then mail that file to the address NETSERV at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
Alternatively, you could type file server commands directly into
your mail program.
Please note that if the command you use to send mail allows you to specify a
"subject" then anything you enter as the "subject" will be treated as a file
server command.
File splitting
- --------------
Some files available from NETSERV are much larger than 100k. Although this
should be no problem for today's computer network technology, there are 
still some mailer systems which refuse to transport "large" files. To 
accommodate most of our users we automatically split files in packets of 
approx. 95k. The Subject lines of the messages received from NETSERV give 
you information about how many packets were sent and about the part number 
of each packet. This should allow you to reconstruct the original file by 
joining the individual parts.
Please remember that the speed of mail file transfer normally depends on
the file size. Therefore, you will probably receive smaller files much 
faster than larger files. This is of course also true for split files where 
the last part will travel faster than the rest. If you receive the last 
part, but *not* the others, you should check with your local computer centre 
whether there are any limitations on the size of files you are allowed to 
receive at your site.
Unfortunately, there may be cases where you will not be able to receive files
above a given size because mailers between EMBL and your site refuse to
transfer them.
- -----
Documentation of changes to the file server will be reported in the 'EMBL
File Server News', available in the DOC directory of the file server: eg
GET DOC:EMBL_Server_News.1
- --------
If you have any problems using the file server, or suggestions as to how we
might improve the service, please mail to the address
NETHELP at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE.  We want to hear from you!
Summary of directories available on the EMBL File Server:
- --------------------------------------------------------
    EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database                           NUC
      (Rel. 28, Sep 91 + newest data from EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ)
    Eukaryotic Promotor Database (Rel. 28, Sep 91)              EPD
    SwissProt Protein Sequence Database                         PROT
       (Rel. 19, Sep 91 + newest data)
    Prosite pattern database (Rel. 7.10, Aug 91)                PROSITE
    ENZYME database (Rel. 6.00, Aug 91)                         ENZYME
    Brookhaven Protein Structure Database (Rel. 57, Jul 91)     PROTEINDATA
    REBASE, Restriction Enzyme Database (Rel. 9110.10, Oct 91)  REBASE
    tRNA sequence and gene sequence database (1991)             TRNA
    TFD, Transcription Factor Database (Ver 3.0, Jun 91)        TFD
    The E.coli Database (Rel. 8, Aug 91)                        ECD
    Drosophila Genetic Map Database (9107, 27-Jul-1991)         FLYBASE
    Listing of Molecular Biology Databases, LiMB (Rel. 2.0)     LIMB
    Sequence analysis bibliography (SEQANALREF Rel. 21, Oct 91) REFLIST
    Functional Analysis of Nucleotide Sequences bibliography    REFLIST
      (FANS_REF Rel. 3.4, Apr 91)
    Alu sequence database and alignment                         ALU
    Software for MS-DOS computers                               DOS_SOFTWARE
    Software for Apple Macintosh                                MAC_SOFTWARE
    Software for UNIX                                           UNIX_SOFTWARE
    Software for VAX/VMS                                        VAX_SOFTWARE
    Other software, GenBank Clearinghouse, etc.                 MISC_SOFTWARE
    Technical documents, submission and order forms, etc.       DOC
    Multiple DNA sequence alignments and consensus sequences    ALIGN
    Codon Usage tables                                          CODONUSAGE

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