mouse dhfr

Paul Wakenight pw at CUBMOL.BIO.COLUMBIA.EDU
Thu Aug 13 14:31:08 EST 1992

Sorry about the last posting. I failed to append any text. Here is what I
meant to say.  Does anyone have that mouse dhfr structure in .pdb or any
other format.  It was orig. published in 1987 (FEBS Letters 218(1), pp. 
178-184) by Stammers, et al.
Failing that, does anyone have the address, phone #, e-mail address, etc.
for Stammers, Champness, Beddell, Dann at Wellcome Research Labs in Beckenham,


Eliopoulos, Geddes, Ogg and North at Astbury Dept. of Biophysics at University
of Leeds, England.

Thanks in advance.

Paul Wakenight
pw at

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