heavy atom compounds

aiw at vax5.cit.cornell.edu aiw at vax5.cit.cornell.edu
Mon Aug 24 15:54:00 EST 1992

At the recent ACA meeting in Pitt. a few people recommended that I use
"cluster" heavy atom compounds in my search for heavy atom derivatives.
They contain 2-4 metal atoms/molecule and are useful to those with large
proteins.  Does anyone know where I can purchase such compounds? Someone 
suggested a company called Strem.  Does anyone have their address?  I am
particularly interested in platinum or mercury compounds as I know that 
they bind to my protein, but anything will be useful.  Thanks in advance.

Evelyn Jabri
221 Biotech Bldg
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853
aiw at vax5.cit.cornell.edu

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