Ribbon by Priestle

Dave Love d.love at gserv1.dl.ac.uk
Thu Jul 16 05:38:53 EST 1992

>>>>> On Thu, 25 Jun 1992 08:08:02 GMT, doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch (Reinhard Doelz) said:

 > Joe Jaeger is no longer at the Biozentrum. I obtained the following 
 > reply from Dr. Sandra Cowan as I forwarded her this message above. 

>> The ribbon program is available in the CCP4 suite of programs (a
>> VAX version).  CCP4 comes from the SERC, Daresbury laboratory, UK,
>> collaborative commputing project 4.  Enquiries can be addressed to
>> CCP4BB-REQUESTS at daresbury.ac.uk  and put INFO in the subject and as the
>> message.

[Better late than never...]  For information: CCP4 is available for
unix as well as VMS.  Please address e-mail about it to
ccp4 at daresbury.ac.uk rather than ccp4bb-requests, which is for
subscriptions to the ccp4 mail list.  Thanks.

--Dave Love, CCP4, Daresbury

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