Stereo in O for SGI (5.7.1 3/92 version)

Mario A Bianchet bianchet at
Mon Jun 15 20:58:55 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun14.062135.22365 at> doelz at writes:
>In article <3373 at>, bianchet at (Mario A Bianchet) writes:
>|> 	I didn't get stereo in the 5.7.1 version of "Ono" for SGI in a PI
>|> Irix 3.3.2, and probably for a long time, with stereoviewer crystal eyes 
>Despite the financial stress a maintenance contract causes, you should 
>plan for getting an upgrade to 4.0. It might not happen that software 
>developing such rapidly as O will be kept backwards compatible with 
>an operating system which supports another window manager. Fixes  of other 
>packages I know in the PD already start with 4.x as a prerequisite. 

I know the above, but the problem isn't the financial stress, it is relative to
 other packages that we haven't compiled in the version 4.0.X yet. I believe
that the version 5.7.1 isn't in 4.0.X. Is it true?. 

>While we're at it, does someone know when stereo will work on Crimson/Elan? 
>4.0.4 does seem to have its problems there as well. 

I have just noticed that the version 5.7.2 is running perfectly 
(stereo option) in a machine with this  characteristics.

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