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Tue Jun 9 23:43:17 EST 1992

>>|>          Our E&S PS330 has died on us and so we are unable to run
>>|> the interactive graphics package 'FRODO'. Is there a version of
>>|> FRODO for a silicon graphics IRIS?
>>it's called TURBO-FRODO . Can also display CPK (space filled) objects. 
>Dr.Quocho's group make a new program called "CHAIN".
>And Prof.T.A.Jones make a new program O.

Sorry I didn't write thier address.  

  Prof.Quiocho's address is
                prof. florante quiocho
                howard hughes medical institute
                one baylor plaza
                houston, tx  77030, USA
                e-mail : faq at

  Prof.Jones' address is
                Dr. T. A. Jones,
                Department of Molecular Biology,
                BMC, Box 590,
                S-75124 Uppsala, Sweden
                e-mail : alwyn at

  Atsushi Nakagawa
     Photon Factory, National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK)
        nakagawa at

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