frodo for iris

Connie Cho umcho000 at
Wed Jun 3 11:39:30 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun3.002508.22911 at> D.H.Thomas at (D.H. Thomas) writes:
>Dear Netusers,
>         Our E&S PS330 has died on us and so we are unable to run
>the interactive graphics package 'FRODO'. Is there a version of
>FRODO for a silicon graphics IRIS?
>                  yours Sincerely 
>                    D.Thomas             D.H.Thomas at

Yes, we use TOM/FRODO on an IRIS 4D/GT. It is an older version,
however, so I do not know how it has been kept up, and the one
we use seems seriously buggy.


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