Stereo option in 'O' again ...

Mario A Bianchet bianchet at
Tue Jun 16 11:33:29 EST 1992

In article <01GLA11NWG748WVYQR at> VIEHMANN at DE.DESY.MPGHDB ("Hans Viehmann, MPG/ASMB Hamburg") writes:
>talking about the stereo option of 'O' - we have problems with it on
>our ESV running version 2.3 of the operating system. Despite having
>it all set up as in the manual (v5.7) the system still comes up with
>the 'StereoTallScreen not available' message. Is the problem possibly
>fixed in the version 5.7.2 of 'O' ? And if so, how can we get that
>version ? We tried the old FTP address ( but didn't
>get any connection.
>Regards, Hans.

   Try with 
Regars Mario.

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