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Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Thu Jun 25 03:08:02 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun24.193529.1276 at kakwa.ucs.ualberta.ca>, userisra at mts.ics.ualberta.ca (Mark Israel) writes:
|> In article <1992Jun18.152902.2979 at otago.ac.nz>, bioc07 at otago.ac.nz (Craig Marshall) writes:
|> > I am looking for a copy of Priestle's program "Ribbon". If anyone
|> > could tell from where I might be able to download a copy, or to 
|> > whom I should write for a copy, I would be very grateful.
|>    If you're looking for a version that will run on the SGI IRIS 
|> 4D -- Bill Gleason, of the Molecular Simulation Laboratory at the
|> University of Minnesota, has an enhanced version of Priestle's
|> Ribbon program as part of his Protein Analysis Package.  The
|> preferred method of obtaining this is to order a tape from QCPE
|> (Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange), which you can contact at
|> "countsr at iubacs.bitnet".  If you have any problems, contact Bill
|> directly at "gleason at crystal.med.umn.edu" or 
|> "bgleason at umnacvx.bitnet".
|>    If you're looking for the original VAX version -- John Priestle 
|> has left Jansonius lab to work in industry in Basel.  (His address 
|> is "priestle at fmi.ch", but it seems he doesn't have a VAX at his new 
|> job.)  The other person who can probably supply a VAX version over 
|> the network is Joe Jaeger, a former colleague of Priestle.  He is 
|> still at the Biozentrum in Basel and has an address 
|> "jaeger at urz.unibas.ch".  These addresses are both from the list 
|> Martha Teeter puts out.

Joe Jaeger is no longer at the Biozentrum. I obtained the following 
reply from Dr. Sandra Cowan as I forwarded her this message above. 
Dr. Cowan is working in Prof. Jansonius group. 

> Subject:     Re: Ribbon by Priestle - bionet.xtallography #33
> Hello Reinhard,
> The person to contact is John Priestle for the program.  The above
> address is correct.  Otherwise it should be obtained from the official
> source for which you have to become a registered user.
> The ribbon program is available in the CCP4 suite of programs (a
> VAX version).  CCP4 comes from the SERC, Daresbury laboratory, UK,
> collaborative commputing project 4.  Enquiries can be addressed to
> CCP4BB-REQUESTS at daresbury.ac.uk  and put INFO in the subject and as the
> message.
> Bye for now,  Sandy.

Maybe that helps 

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