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In article <1992Jun18.152902.2979 at otago.ac.nz>, bioc07 at otago.ac.nz (Craig Marshall) writes:

> I am looking for a copy of Priestle's program "Ribbon". If anyone
> could tell from where I might be able to download a copy, or to 
> whom I should write for a copy, I would be very grateful.

   If you're looking for a version that will run on the SGI IRIS 
4D -- Bill Gleason, of the Molecular Simulation Laboratory at the
University of Minnesota, has an enhanced version of Priestle's
Ribbon program as part of his Protein Analysis Package.  The
preferred method of obtaining this is to order a tape from QCPE
(Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange), which you can contact at
"countsr at iubacs.bitnet".  If you have any problems, contact Bill
directly at "gleason at crystal.med.umn.edu" or 
"bgleason at umnacvx.bitnet".

   If you're looking for the original VAX version -- John Priestle 
has left Jansonius lab to work in industry in Basel.  (His address 
is "priestle at fmi.ch", but it seems he doesn't have a VAX at his new 
job.)  The other person who can probably supply a VAX version over 
the network is Joe Jaeger, a former colleague of Priestle.  He is 
still at the Biozentrum in Basel and has an address 
"jaeger at urz.unibas.ch".  These addresses are both from the list 
Martha Teeter puts out.

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