Nonisomorphism: modern limitations?

Ronald T. Shigeta rshigeta at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Tue May 26 21:44:00 EST 1992

I have been considering the question of nonisomorphism lately
after doing a review of Terwilliger's articles which describe
the refinement procedures in his program HEAVY.

Has anyone reading solved a problem with significant nonisomorphism?

What is considered to be a large nonisomorphism mean difference and
what is considered to be an impossible nonisomorphism mean difference?

I am working with models right now, but would like to hear about
practical constraints with modern instruments, area detectors
image plates, which might make a difference. 

Also, when creating model data sets I assume that a gaussian
distribution of error on F^2 [I] based on mean I should be an 
adequate idea of noise from instrumentation. Any reflections?

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