Blind Test for folding algorithm

Steven Smith smith at
Sun Nov 29 14:00:07 EST 1992

  We are sequencing Mycoplasma Capricolum and have come to the point in
the project that we are trying to do Comparative Analysis of both the
primary protein sequence and the structural motifs of genes from the

  One of our collaborators has developed an Algorithm to fold small
peptides into "correct" structural motifs.  We are looking for some data
to try and test out the algorithm.

  Does anyone have a couple of small polypeptids (less than about 70 aa)
with no prosthetic groups and perferably with disulphide bonds that the
structure is known but not yet published.  We would keep the entire test
confidential... ie send us the primary sequence and we would return our
predictions for you to assess.

  Also, does anyone knoe if there is any XWindow software for display Molecular Graphics out there (either commercial or free)?

thanks for the input

Patrick Gillevet
Harvard Genome Lab
Harvard University

pat at

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