Deposition and Release of Coordinates

Fri Oct 2 08:17:00 EST 1992

I do not know how many of you read the weekly postings of the NIH
Guide to Grants and Contracts but in the Sep 11 issue there was a
bit of notable significance:

The entire Public Health Service (including the NIH) nas adopted
the IUCr resolution regarding the deposition and release of

Essentially the resolution states that

Provisions for delayed release.  It is the intention of this
policy that the deposition of data associated with a scientific
publication should occur concurrently with publication of the
article.  Nevertheless, provision is allowed for the authros to
request a delay in the release of the deposited data.  For
deposited coordinates this delay is not intended to exceed one
year from the date of publication.  for deposited structure
factors the requested delay can be up to four years from the date
of publication.

The entire text of the resolution can be found in Acta Cryst.
A45 658 (1989).

This follows the adoption of the same policy by the National
Institute of General Medical Sciences in 1990.  John Norvell at
NIGMS pioneered that effort.  This effort in turn followed the
pioneering efforts by GenBank/EMBL regarding the deposition of
sequence data.

The bottom line is that those of us at NIGMS who administer
grants in the area of structure determination are enforcing this
policy and have begun to withhold funding in cases of


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