HELP: CHAIN 5.0 on SGI Elan systems

s2j at s2j at
Sun Oct 18 16:18:24 EST 1992

  We are having a problem running CHAIN 5.0 on both an IRIS Crimson Elan,
and an IRIS Indigo Elan R4000.  It actually works just fine for about an
hour, but then the disk starts to chatter incessantly and performance degrades
untilyou either give up, or the system crashes.  It turns out that the
program slowly eats through all of the available swap space until there is
none left.  Each subsequent restart of CHAIN crashes more quickly than the
last.  Rebooting is necessary to refresh the situation.  Does anyone
know what the problem could be?
  The CHAIN documentation is as Delphic as usual regarding system setup,
so perhaps I have done something wrong.  Interestingly, in the INDIGO,
saying 'SET MONITOR INDIGO' or whatever in chain.cmd breaks the display,
while using '4D' or 'VGX' bothe work fine.  My inclination is to blame CHAIN
for our problem, rather than the system.  Any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

-Chris Bruns
Cornell University
yqdx at
or try bruns at

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