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andrew comello andrew.comello at
Mon Oct 19 20:59:12 EST 1992

        To All:

        I'm 17 years old, still in high-school and have a buring passion
        to become a Whale/Dolphin researcher or a marine mammal

        After playing with Bottle Nosed dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
        off of the Florida coast, I knew this was for me....

        I am also interested in working with Orcinus orca (killer

        Is there another job that would take me even closer to these
        inteligent mammals in the wild?

        What Credits should I be going for, where should i go
        after high school?

        What are Whale/Dolphin researchers salaries like?

        Who would hire me?

        Could i get a summer job pertaining (related) to whale/dolphin

        Where would i look for such a job in Ontario?

        Can you give me an accurate description of the duties/functions
        of a researcher?

        Has anyone out there had any experiance as a Dolphin/Whale

        Are there any clubs in the Toronto area related to this?

        What are the implications of becoming a researcher?

        I know i need SCUBA lessons for this job. How much are they?

        How much (in Canadian dollars) would a basic set-up of
        equipment (tanks, mouthpiece, etc.) for scuba diving cost?

Any help, comments, opinions, or sugestions would be much appreciated...
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