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> Hi Netters.  I am trying to find a set of co-ordinates for any lysozyme
> substrate complex that has been examined.  The literature is full of
> references to this work (late 60's early 70's), but there dosen't appear to
> be anything in the Brookhaven database.  Anyone have any ideas??
> Thanks...
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There have been a few lysozyme/IGG1 FAB fragment complexes deposited with the
Brookhaven Protein Data Bank.  These include 1FDL, authors: T.O.FISCHMANN and
W.DROHAN, and B.R.BROOKS; and 3HFM by E.A.PADLAN and D.R.DAVIES.  There is also
the substrate NAM-NAG-NAM (9LYZ) from hen egg-white which was solved by
J.A.KELLY and M.N.G.JAMES.  These are all in full release and can be found by
anonymous ftp to (

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