Yuri Fonarev ydf at spek.siobc.msk.su
Tue Apr 6 01:04:52 EST 1993

          Could anyone help me ? I need the exact name of congress (conference,
     symposium) which took place in Netherlands in 1989. The approximate name
     is 'Perspectives in protein engineering'. Additional information for
     identification : there is a paper on the page P 069 of the Congress

     S.D.Trakhanov, A.P.Kuzin, I.N.Tsigannik and Y.D.Tonarev
     Preliminary X-ray analysis of crystals of actinoxanthin (ACX) and
     flavin-adenine-dinucleotide (FAD) complex.

          I'd be very thankful to anyone for the help.

          Yuri Fonarev

          Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry.  Russian Academy of Sciences.

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