Memory for the ESV

Mark A. Saper saper at ELMO.BIOP.UMICH.EDU
Thu Apr 29 17:53:57 EST 1993

ESV owners:

1) Does anyone know of a vendor who sells memory compatible with the Evans & 
Sutherland ESV?

2) Does anyone have a 1 Gbyte optical drive SCSI interfaced to an ESV?  

2) How many Mbytes of virtual memory does the X11 server take on your machine?  
Ours uses 22 Mbytes and I would like to know if this can be reduced and still 
run PEX or PSX.

3) There is very little software written in PEX for the molecular modeling 
community.  Perhaps we could form a little coop to share and/or port more 
graphics software to the ESV.  Though my next workstation will probably be an 
SGI, I still would like to get some good use out of the ESV.  Comments?

Thanks, Mark

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