freezing protein crystals

Thu Aug 19 15:50:41 EST 1993

Dear crystallography netters,

We at Brookhaven have finally joined the modern world with the purchase
of an Oxford Cryostream system to immortalize our protein crystals in
the X-ray beam.  We ourselves have little experience with freezing crystals,
but know that there are several labs who are gradually gaining expertise.
We would appreciate hearing about any tips or positive/negative experiences
with freezing crystals, including (1) how to mount crystals, (2) freezing
in liquid propane or liquid nitrogen first vs. putting the crystal directly
in the cooling stream (3) types of materials used to coat the crystal
and (4) use of anti-freeze additives.  I suspect there may be enough
interest in this topic to post responses directly to this news group, but
private responses are also most welcome.  I will eventually post a
summary of all responses.


Cathy Lawson
Biology Department,  Brookhaven Nat'l Lab, Upton NY   11973
lawson at
(516) 282 - 7667

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