Fri Aug 20 13:10:33 EST 1993

1) At Argonne National Labs Structural Biology NSLS beamline X8C we have 
	been using the LN2 cooled data collection methods (-170C) 
	on a routine basis for nearly one year (Oct 1992). These methods have 
	proved invaluable in collecting Synchrotron X-ray data sets on a 
	single crystal 
2) the methods of mounting xtls have included glass fibers and plates, nylon,
	glass, silk, metal, and other synthetic materials formed into loops 
	and cages
3) cryo solvents/protectents used have been of alcohols, glycerol, oils, 
	greases, and other non-salt solutions 
4) methods of freezing have includes direct freezing in the cold stream,
	quenching in liquid propane or liquid nitrogen
5) mounting methods have included glass fibers, and metal pins,
	mounted on both magnet and nonmagnetic bases 

I invite you to stop by X8C sometime after 6Sept93 to see how
things are set up.

Stephan Ginell


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