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Mon Aug 23 10:43:25 EST 1993

By way of an attorner representing Rigaku, I have found that their price for
a magnetic seal for an RU 200 is still $1320 and they can rebuild the seals
for $660.00.  I cannot say where the $1320 applies to all machines of similar
design.  I am involved with new machines as well as some old ones and was 
given price information second hand for one of the older ones.  

So, you can send seals to Rigaku for rebuilding if you like.  

By the way...I have been told that one should physcially rotate the seals 
that are in storage.  (extra seals)   They should not, according to my 
source, be allowed to sit in the same position on the shelf for extended 
periods of time.  This may account for some other short-lived replacement 
seals (regardless of their source).   

Again, to clarify, a magnetic seal cartridge for an RU-200, if purchased from
Rigaku, costs $1320 and this price has been stable for at least 4 years.  
Rigaku will rebuild seals for $600.    

Dick Leidich

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