2nd RFD: sci.xtallography

Lachlan Cranswick lachlan at dmp.csiro.au
Sun Aug 29 21:39:05 EST 1993

   2ND Request for Discussion (RFD) of sci.xtallography (unmoderated).    

This is the 2nd RFD for sci.xtallography.  The "misc" in the 1st
RFD caused arguments and has been deleted.  Xtallography
is a semi-standard abbreviation of the word crystallography
and should not cause any big problems.  The reason a 
sci.crystallography name is not acceptable
is that some UNIX system have a 14 character limit of file-names -
crystallography is a 15 character word.

The only other change was a request to include TEM (Transmission
Electron Microscopy) in topics for discussion and this has been
done.  Please note that this proposed newsgroup is intended to
be an open forum for discussion of crystallography.  Thus 
relevant topics for this newsgroup should only be limited
to what the participants in this proposed newsgroup
regard as crystallography.


I propose a new unmoderated newsgroup called sci.xtallography.
The main aim of sci.xtallography is to provide an open forum for the
discussion of topics on crystallography and related fields.

(Could people reading this post mention it to colleagues who
might be interested and benefit from a sci.xtallography group
but not normally use the internet newsgroups.)

   Proposed Name of Group
   sci.xtallography (unmoderated)

   Purpose of New Newsgroup

The purpose of sci.xtallography is to provide a forum for anyone
interested in using the "power" of the internet newsgroups to discuss
(in "near real time"!) issues, results, problems and applications in
crystallography that would take months and years in conventional paper
journals.  It would also allow non-crystallographers to find out how
this field could assist their work.

   Topics for discussion would include :-
Powder diffraction (neutron/X-rays)
Single crystal diffraction
Electron diffraction
Crystal Structure determination
Structure determination
Rietveld Refinement
Data formats
Hardware/Equipment - specs, alignment, opinions, etc.
Phase Identification - search match software/techniques/....
Discussion of complementary/confirmatory  techniques :-
         e.g.:- SEM, XRF, MicroProbe, AFM, STM, Optical Microscopy......
Applications to the fields of Mineralogy, Geology, 
         Physics, Chemistry, Industry
Announcements/reviews of papers/conferences.
Preparation techniques.
Non-ambient techniques (high-pressure/temperature/??)
Discussion on the accuracy/validity of various structures
         and reference patterns.
General Discussion/opinions/questions.

Synchrotron radiation
Positions vacant

Crystallographic texture determination

Biological crystallography and applications

TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)

Anything else that is relevant to crystallography in general.


   Discussion of this RFD is to take place in news.groups.  
For those reading other newsgroups, the followup to this 
post should appear automatically in news.groups.


   What is the Process of Creating a Newsgroup

>(a) RFD: Discussion, i.e., public hearing to take place in the newsgroup
     news.groups for approximately one month
 (b) CFV: Call for votes (the voting period will be about 25 days)
 (c) Counting of votes and public display of votes
 (d) Announcement of new newsgroup

 (a)-->(b) assumes no major disagreements about this newsgroup during
 discussion. (c)-->(d) assumes that the vote is favourable., i.e.,
               Y > N+100 .and. Y > (2/3)(Y+N)
 Y being the number of YES votes, N being the number of NO votes for
 the creation of the proposed newsgroup.

   Please email me if you have any queries at lachlan at dmp.csiro.au.

Present Internet users who have requested  their names be associated
(co-proposers) with this attempt to create a crystallography newsgroup :-

Suzanne Mohney       mohney at cae.wisc.edu
                           graduate student
                           Materials Science
                           University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
Vadali Mahadev       mahadev at bank.ecn.purdue.edu
Peter Yeates         phys4pjy at phys.canterbury.ac.nz
                           Honour III Student BSc(Physics)
                           University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
Jon Tischler         zzt at ornl.gov
Alex Haralampiev     haralaag at ucbeh.san.uc.edu
                           Department of Geology
                           University of Cincinnati, USA.
John B. Posthill     jbp at rti.rti.org
                           Research Triangle Institute, USA.
Rick Rateick         richard.g.rateick.1 at nd.edu
                           University of Notre Dame, USA.
Andreas Morlok       zxmxa09 at studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Virginia B. Pett     hughes_grant at acs.wooster.edu
                           Associate Professor of Chemistry
                           The College of Wooster.
Hideyo Inouye        inouye at amy.tch.harvard.edu
Paul VerNooy         vernoopd at esvax.dnet.dupont.com
Mike Kautzky         bardman at leland.stanford.edu  
                           Stanford University
Lachlan Cranswick  -  CSIRO     _--_|\  lachlan at dmp.CSIRO.AU  "Blessed
Division of Mineral Products   /      \ tel +61 3 647 0367     are the 
PO Box 124, Port Melbourne     \_.--._/ fax +61 3 646 3223     Cheesemakers"
3207 AUSTRALIA                       v    "Eat Judge Boot!" - J. Dredd. 

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