cryostat jury-rigging

starbuck schickb at
Tue Aug 31 17:54:14 EST 1993

     I am interested in increasing the range of temperatures
available to me here at Riverside for diffraction analysis.
We currently have a Wilkinson cryostat capable of producing 
a -80C dry air stream at the lowest.  At the recent ICCBM
conference someone mentioned that they jury-rigged a Wilkinson
to blow dry nitrogen at near liquid nitrogen temperatures.
As I am very interested in flash freezing my crystals to 
eliminate decay, I'd like to get some hints from those who've
gone through a similar experience.  Specifically,

Do I need a special hose to hook the liq. N2 tank to the
air intake on the Wilkinson?

Is there a commercially available nozzle which will blow
a warm nitrogen blanket around the cold nitrogen stream
to avoid icing?

What precautions should I take to avoid injury?

Any other hints would be appreciated.

					   Brian Schick.
					   Dept. Biochem.
					   Univ. Calif. Riverside
					   Riverside, CA. 92521.
					   schick at

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