New lab seeks computing advice

G. Jawahar Swaminathan jawahar at
Wed Dec 1 11:13:20 EST 1993

As far as I can see, you may need Vax/Vms operating system despite the
fact that it may be considered obsolete by physicists all over the world
(well ! almost all over the world). Your need of UNIX system is also
not too misplaced for you might certainly need UNIX based machines
for graphics and other energy calculations. 
I can suggest this, being a little partial to the Vax Alpha ( as we are
also using one at present for our purposes) that you can get relatively
cheap and public domain software for VAX eg. ALIGN, SWISS-PROT and 
many others. Of course you will need TOM and QUANTA, CHARMM for other
energy calculations, and crystallographic purposes. MERLOT etc are also
available in VAX versions. VAX/VMS is not considered obsolete by any 
standard in this field of science. If you want to do more graphical
kind of work it would be best for you to go in for a IRIS INDIGO 
or a IRIS workstation, which will both fulfil your requirements for
UNIX and graphics...
I hope I have not confused you more !!!!

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