Patricia M Takahara takahara at athena.mit.edu
Wed Dec 1 16:09:10 EST 1993

We are having problems with XPLOR and QUANTA in our lab.
We just bought a Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Extreme and
we are attempting to get QUANTA and XPLOR going on it.
We are having major problems with QUANTA and the one that
has us stuck at the moment is that QUANTA crashes when we
try to start a CHARMM calculation while someone else is
running XPLOR.  The error says "tcp server is 
/tmp/sok1006 at methane.mit.edu" -  methane is our computer.
We have 96 megabytes of memory and a 3.6 gigabyte disk attached
that is only about 40% full.  Any ideas?

-Tricia Takahara

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