On-line image plate scanner @ PF

Nobuhisa WATANABE nobuhisa at kekvax.kek.jp
Thu Dec 2 21:02:48 EST 1993

We have several Image Plate scanners for protein crystallography 
at the Photon Factroy. All of them are off-line scanners. 
I believe off-line scanners have some advantages over on-line scanners. 
For example there is no dead time for reading images, there is no limitation 
of the detector size ( if we put several plates parallel in a casette ).
But if a majority of the shyncrotron users of protein crystallography
realy want to have an on-line IP scanner also at the Photon Factory, 
I will bigin to put in serious efforts to tackle it. 
I will really appreciate any comments and advices.
Photon Factory, National Laboratory for High Energy Physics
1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305 JAPAN
FAX: +81-298-64-2801          e-mail: nobuhisa at kekvax.kek.jp

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