PostScript CPK/Ribbon output?

Charles Lesburg lesburg at
Mon Dec 6 13:25:21 EST 1993

Our protein crystallography lab is on the brink of acquiring a color
Postscript printer (300 dpi) for our Macintoshes and (unix-based) SGI
Indigos.  Accordingly, we would like to produce device-independent PS
files of proteins -- CPK models, solid ribbon diagrams, ball-and-stick
figures, etc.

Is anyone familiar with such PostScript-outputting software?
Ultimately, I would like to import the PS files into a graphics-
editting program so I can insert my own annotations, arrows, etc. and
print them out to either the high-resolution color printer.

At this point, we can make true PS line-plots but endevour to make
nice plots of spheres/cylinders.  Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.


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