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To All those interested in Molscript:

Here is an e-mail version of the readme file and license info.
distributed by Per Kraulis to facilitate obtaining MOLSCRIPT.  In the
past some have had difficulties in reaching Per Kraulis and in light of
this problem I have been authorized by the latter to distribute the
program as long as the user completes the license agreement and mails it
directly (to Per Kraulis).  So, please try contacting him first and if
you experience difficulties or need the program in a hurry, contact me.


Thanks for your interest in my program MolScript.

This is a description of how to obtain the program.

* Print, read and sign the license agreement.

* Send the signed hard-copy license agreement to me (address below).

* Choose one of the alternatives below for means of distribution
  and act accordingly.

* There is no fee for academic researchers. Of course, I do expect
  proper recognition in publications (see license).

* Companies must pay a fee, and should send a fax or email to me with a
  request for specific information on this. Otherwise, the conditions
  are basically the same as for academics.

Alternative 1: anonymous FTP

The anonymous FTP distribution consists of a compressed tar file
(molscript.tar.Z, about 330 KB) containing source code, documentation,
makefiles and example input files. The file was made on an SGI system,
but can be handled on SUN, ULTRIX and ESV machines. A file README.molscript
will also be sent, which explains how to unpack the .tar.Z file.

When you have put the signed license agreement in the post, you may contact
me (email see below) to give me the Internet number (name address is
usually not enough) for the machine that I should transfer the MolScript
distribution file to.

If you do not have anonymous FTP set up on your machine, then another
account may be used. However, then I will have to have the password for that
account. In such a case, use fax to send account and password to me, which
is more secure than sending it over the net. I promise not to use this
account for anything else than transferring MolScript.

I do not (yet) have anonymous FTP set up on any machine, so you will not be
able to fetch MolScript from any machine in my lab.

Alternative 2: tape

The tape distribution contains everything uncompressed.
Only the following tape formats can be handled:

* 1/4 inch cartridge tape, Silicon Graphics IRIS-4D, tar format, 150 MB.

* 1/4 inch cartridge tape, SUN Sparc, tar format, 150 MB.

* VAX/VMS BACKUP format, TK-50.

Alternative 3: from a friend

If you know of someone that you can easily get the MolScript program from,
then you may do so if and only if the following conditions all hold:

1) You have read, signed and posted the license agreement to me.
2) You will let me know of what you are doing and the name of the
   person that you are getting the program from.
3) You tell the person you are getting the program from that you have
   signed the license, and that you are telling me (PK) about what you
   are doing.
4) The person you are getting the program from is perfectly willing to spend
   time doing this, and you are not imposing yourself on him/her. If in
   doubt, contact me instead.

If you do get the program in this way, be sure to get both the forlib and
molscript directories, since both are needed to recompile the program.

General information
The program is written in pure Fortran 77, and there are version for
Silicon Graphics IRIS machines, SUN-4, ULTRIX and VAX/VMS. The SGI
version also works on the ESV machines, I am told. The differences
between various systems are small and localized, so it should be
relatively simple to port to other systems. I have heard of successful
ports to the Titan, IBM RS6000, Next and Alliant machines.

The complete, uncompressed distribution consists of two directories
forlib (general Fortran library) and molscript (the program itself),
together containing about 3 MB of source code, object code, executable,
documentation and example files.

yours sincerely,

Per Kraulis

Center for Structural Biochemistry   phone: +46 8 608 9266
Karolinska Institute                 fax:   +46 8 608 9290
Novum                                email: pjk at
141 57 Huddinge

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     License for MolScript v1.3

     This is a license for MolScript, academic software version 1.3
(copyright (C) 1992 Per Kraulis), a program for creating plots in PostScript
format of molecular structures.

     This license is to be signed by your institution (hereinafter referred
to as the "LICENSEE"), and returned to Per Kraulis (hereinafter referred to
as the "LICENSOR"). The computer program, including source code, documentation
and example input files, as well as any modifications or derivative works
made by the LICENSEE, are hereinafter referred to collectively as the


1.  A non-exclusive, non-transferable license is granted to the LICENSEE
to install and use the SOFTWARE on an appropriate computer system or systems
located at LICENSEE's institution to which the LICENSEE has authorized access.
Use of the SOFTWARE is restricted to LICENSEE and collaborators at his
institution who have agreed to accept the terms of this license.

2.  The LICENSOR retains ownership of all materials (including magnetic tape,
unless provided by the LICENSEE) and SOFTWARE delivered to LICENSEE. Any
modifications or derivative works based on the SOFTWARE are considered part
of the SOFTWARE and ownership thereof is retained by the LICENSOR, and are
to be made available to him upon request.

3.  The LICENSEE may make a reasonable number of copies of the SOFTWARE for
the purposes of backup, maintenance of the SOFTWARE, or development of
derivative works based on the SOFTWARE. These additional copies will carry
the copyright notice and will be controlled by this license, and will be
destroyed by the LICENSEE upon termination of this license.

4. The LICENSEE shall not use SOFTWARE for any purpose (research or otherwise)
that is supported by a "for profit" organization without prior written
authorization from the LICENSOR.

5.  The LICENSEE shall not disclose in any form either the delivered SOFTWARE
or any modifications or derivative works based on the SOFTWARE to third
parties without prior written authorization from the LICENSOR.

6.  If the LICENSEE receives a request to furnish all or any portion of the
SOFTWARE to any third party, he will not fulfill such a request, and will
refer it in writing to the LICENSOR.

7.  The LICENSEE agrees that the SOFTWARE is furnished on an "as is" basis,
and that the LICENSOR in no way warrants the SOFTWARE or any of its results
and is in no way liable for any use LICENSEE makes of the SOFTWARE.

8.  LICENSEE agrees that any reports or publications of results obtained with
the SOFTWARE will acknowledge its use by an appropriate citation. This would
refer to the following publication: Per J. Kraulis, "MOLSCRIPT: A Program
to Produce Both Detailed and Schematic Plots of Protein Structures",
Journal of Applied Crystallography (1991) vol 24, pp 946-950.

9.  The terms of this license shall not be limited in time.

     To evidence your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth above,
please sign in the indicated space and return this letter to the LICENSOR.

Per Kraulis, PhD

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