PDB Mailing List has been started

drs drs at BACH.PDB.BNL.GOV
Fri Dec 10 08:19:32 EST 1993


The Brookhaven Protein Data Bank has formed a mailing list devoted to
discussions concerning the operation of the data bank, its contents, and the
access to it. Our Advisory Board encouraged us to announce this to related
mailing lists.

If you would like to subscribe, please send mail to:

listserv at pdb.pdb.bnl.gov

with the message:

subscribe pdb-l "Your full human name"

(that is ell as in list). To find out what you can do with this mailing list,
please send mail to the same address (listserv at pdb.pdb.bnl.gov) with the one
line message of


Finally, to send a message to all subscribers, please send mail to:

pdb-l at pdb.pdb.bnl.gov

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