Agarose gels for xtal growth

Sarah Tilley sjt at
Thu Dec 9 17:36:38 EST 1993


I thought I would try my hand at growing xtals in agarose gels, and I am trying to follow the procedure in Ducruix and Giege's book, "Crystallization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins". They suggest a method for a 36 deg C gelling point agarose, but there are several in the Sigma catalogue. My xtals are fragile, with a tendancy to splinter, so I reckoned a gel with a lower strength to be better for xtal growth. I can't get hold of the original references (vanished into the depths of the library) so I have no i

dea what gels are routinely used. Any
recommendations? I don't want to work with silica gels, as I want to use conditions previously used for hanging drops and I intend to grow xtals in gels using the same method. Any opinions on using gels? Anything I should be particularly careful about? Has anyone had any experience of the gels affecting the protein? (eg. denaturing) 

Thanks in advance
Sarah Tilley
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