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Tue Feb 2 06:17:19 EST 1993

[second attempt]

>>>>> On 29 Jan 93 15:44:57 GMT, katz at a.chem.upenn.edu (Darin Scott Katz) said:

 > I'm trying to get the program RIBBON for my lab.  Can someone please tell
 > me where (and from whom) I can get a copy.  Also, what graphics programs 
 > does RIBBON run on?

If you mean the `Jane Richardson drawings' program written by Priestle
and hacked in the UK, it's part of the CCP4 distribution.  It can
produce output for PostScript, HPGL and Frodo, I think.  Since CCP4
hasn't been plugged here for a while, here's the standard information.



The CCP4 Program Suite is an integrated set of programs for protein
crystallography developed in a close collaboration between crystallographers
under an initiative by the UK Science and Engineering Research Council.  Some
software developed elsewhere is included.  Applications include data
processing, various scaling programs, Patterson search and refinement,
isomorphous and molecular replacement, structure refinement, phase improvement
(solvent flattening and symmetry averaging) and presentation of results.  It
is distributed in source form (mostly Fortran), supported for VMS and various
Unix platforms.  The suite is licensed free to academic institutions; the fee
for profit-making organisations is currently 5000 pounds sterling per annum.

The software is available by Internet ftp from:
  anonymous at gserv1.dl.ac.uk:pub/ccp4
There is also a mail server which you can use.  Send for help to
info-server at daresbury.ac.uk; CCP4 is in directory /CCP/ccp4.

Alternatively, we can supply the suite on a variety of media as follows (for a
handling/media charge of 50 pounds to academic institutions).  Exabytes are
most convenient for us if it's all the same to you.  However, please use ftp
if you can since making tapes is a significant load on the Daresbury staff.

  Tape           VMS (BACKUP)     Unix (tar)

  6250bpi reel            yes     yes
  1600bpi reel            yes     yes
  TK50                    yes     no
  QIC-150                  no     yes
  Exabyte (Video 8)       yes     yes

A licence agreement is included with any distribution permitting the use of
the suite on any machine at the named site.  Please include your full postal
address with any request for inclusion in the CCP4 mailing list to send the
occasional newsletter and information about the CCP4 Study Weekend.

There is an electronic mail list for CCP4 discussion/announcements -- send
`sub ccp4bb' to list-server at daresbury.ac.uk.

Thank you for your interest in CCP4.


 Secretary to CCP4         | Telephone: (+44) 925 603528  (direct line) 
 SERC Daresbury Laboratory |            (+44) 925 603000  (switchboard)
 Warrington WA4 4AD        | Facsimile: (+44) 925 603100
 UK                        | e-mail:    ccp4 at daresbury.ac.uk

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